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  • The mother of all climbs

    The mother of all climbs

    Every time I stepped outside my hotel in Zermatt there would be a gaggle of tourists holding up their phones to take a photo. Not of me, annoyingly, but of the big pointy peak rearing up into the heavens. The Matterhorn. Commission a five-year-old to draw a mountain and this is what they’ll come up […]

  • Exploring the Cadini di Misurina

    Exploring the Cadini di Misurina

    After such an epic, wildly-successful first day, we were a little adrift as to what to do for a follow-up. Michele had suggested the Cadini di Misurina — a dense maze of improbably-pointy mountain peaks looming east of town — and it seemed like something interesting might be found in there. The weather looked like […]

  • The Dolomites – Via Ferrata

    The Dolomites – Via Ferrata

    Located in northern Italy and with a unique mix of Italian and Austrian culture the Dolomites has the highest concentration of via ferrata in the world, boasting some 170 historic routes. The metal wires intespersed with ladders and unlikely suspension bridges give straightforward access to some of the world’s most striking summits, allowing you to […]